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Wow!!! It’s been a while hasn’t it? I don’t have a clue what week it is but I do have a good reason for neglecting to post for so long. Not only was my school demanding my complete and undivided attention every spare moment I had, I also had to fulfill other priorities, which left little to no time for knitting. I will say, this did not prevent me from increasing my stash since, buying yarn and knitting related items via Internet takes a lot less time and effort than the actual knitting itself. Sacrificing knitting these past couple weeks has paid off though. I can brag I have successfully completed a MPA program with flying colors and my diploma will soon hang from a wall. Yay for me!

Now let me clarify that some knitting has taken place since I last posted. How else was I going to stay sane during the last few weeks of the hectic semester? Thank goodness Sarah’s Yarns had an awesome sell on Art Yarns Regal Silk because there is no better therapy than silky goodness flowing through your fingers while stressing to get an exit paper done. My four hanks of silk wanted to be nothing else but a Clapotis.

Although it’s hard to tell, I’m almost done with the wrap and I know it would have been completed last Wends. while I sat through three full days of the most boring class I ever had the misfortune of experiencing. My god, I wanted to run out of there screaming like a mad woman but that’s the sacrifice I made in order to become a Registered Accessibility Specialist in Texas. The only positive note was that I took advantage of my stay in Austin to pay my first ever visit to the Hill Country Weavers. OMG!!! What a place!!! Room upon room of colorful fiber goodness. Their selection is impressive to say the least. I even had the pleasure of holding a teeny, tiny ball of qiviut in my hand. Soft doesn’t even begin to describe it. I quickly backed away from it for fear irrationality took hold of me and I had one of the salesladies ring it up. One day I’ll return and become the proud owner of this luxurious fiber.

Until then, happy knitting and stash building to all.


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