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Take for example Nicky Epstein’s “edge” books.  I own the first one, Knitting On the Edge, and I find it a good resource for inspiration.  I passed on the second one, Knitting Over the Edge, because as with the majority of the movie sequels, it wasn’t as good as the first.  Epstein should really have stopped with the second edge book, but unfortunately she didn’t.  Knitting Beyond the Edge is torture to my eyes and a good candidate for the now dead YKW.  The majority of the patterns presented are both gaudy and impracticle to wear.  I can easily see Stacy and Clinton’s, What Not to Wear , looks of disgust if they happened to get a hold of any sweater knit with the suggested collars or sleeves in this book.  In this case, less is always more and this book is getting returned to the library asap before its due.


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Saturday afternoon witnessed the casting on of the second sleeve for the Rowena Cardigan.  Sunday night saw its unraveling.  Turns out careless me cast on the wrong number of stitches and since errors like these are not easy fixed, there was no other solution but to start over again.  Oh well, back to the CO.

On a happy note, I attached the first sleeve to the front and back pieces.  So far so good, and I really like the length of both the sleeve and the sweater.  I had to reduce 2 inches of length to the pieces to accomodate my short self.


I was hoping to be finished with the cardigan by now, but at some points I get bored, especially when I’m knitting the sleeves.  They just seem to take too long to finish so I’ve let the project rest a little bit and and started knitting something else in the meantime.  I wish I could say it is MS3, but at this point I just want something mindless to knit. 

Do any of you remember that Target was selling yarn in their Dollar Spot one season?  Well I bought several skeins of the funky ladder yarn and thought it was the perfect time to get it out of the stash and finally make the wrap I had planned for it. 

During Placido Domingo’s concert a couple of weeks ago, I saw a lady wearing a simple wrap and immediately realized it was made from the same yarn that has been taking up my stash space.  The wrap didn’t look bad at all and easy enough to knit plus it is a project that would be knittable during our hot summer months since it is lacey.  I was motivated and ready. 

The yarn came out of hiding and I cast on 40-50 stiches.  Unfortunately, I’ve only knitted a couple of rows and I hate it already!!! 


The yarn is difficult to work with!!!!  How could that be?  I’d knit with this yarn when I first bought it using the same stitch pattern and had no complaints.  I’ve gone from plastic to wood needles and that didn’t help.  Maybe using a smaller size needle will make a difference.  I’ll have to try it and see but a mindless knit has turn into a drag.  Could this be a sign to get my butt into gear and finish Rowena asap?  It sure does feel that way.

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My Baking Pal

For some reason, I have become the official cake provider anytime a birthday or other occasion calling for cake comes along.  The duty falls on me to bake and decorate the celebratee’s choice of cake.  No problem, I love to bake and decorate unless it’s the middle of August when I’m avoiding the kitchen like the plague.  I don’t mean to brag, but people love my cakes and some have even offered to buy them from me.  I’m always honest and let them know that my best pal helped me out.  Let’s give a round of applause to Ms. Betty Crocker.  She has yet to let me down and my cakes always come out light, moist and delicious.  Yesterday was no exception. 

winking cupcake

For my sister’s birthday I made cupcakes using Wilton’s new king-size muffin pan, Betty’s chocolate cake mix and my homemade almond butter frosting.  They got topped off with cherries and happy face candles for cute presentation.

all frosted

Some advantages of the king size cupcake is that they are more moist than a regular cupcake, plus you can share one with your loved one, and there are less cupcake liners to peel and throw away.

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If By Pure Chance…

I was walking around minding my own business but happened to look down and noticed a small dirty envelope with the corner of some plastic peeking out which I actually stopped to pick up and as a reward for not dismissing it as trash, it turned out I had actually picked up a gift card from Saks with $1000 on it, and if by chance Saks had a 75% off clearance which included these beauties

saks’s shoessaks’s shoes

I’d be forever grateful to the shoe goddesses because those three pairs would call my closet home.

The classy left shoe and very feminine right shoe are Christian Louboutin, the sexy middle shoe is by Giuseppe Zanotti.  They might be ridiculously pricey, but then again, they are ridiculously hot. 

The only way I could be the giddy owner of these shoes were if the before mentioned scenario were to occur, ’cause really, if I were to find $1000 in cash, those shoes would be the last thing I’d buy.  Nope, instead I would do what any responsible and sensible adult would do with that extra cash, pay bills or purchase shoes that were more within my budget and lifestyle.

My reality is that I’m an average girl and thus, either the Crocs Islander‘s, aka Smurfettes, which I have in pearl/pink, or the most comfortable ever Earth Duet‘s, in the rich brown, are my everyday shoes.  To you gals who can afford to pamper your feet with my dream shoes, more power to you and please enjoy them for the rest of us.

 Lately I’ve had a weakness for high heels and was able to score Kenneth Cole’s slingbacks for day/office wear and a  satiny Max Studio pair for formal wear.  The best part about it is that I only paid 75% to 90% off the regular retail price for each pair.  Yep, I love me my shoes, but they only come home with me if they are on clearance and are comfortable to walk in.  There is nothing worse than a pair of shoes, whether flat or high heeled, that are uncomfortable or painful to walk in. Not only will they ruin your day or evening, they will also ruin your feet.

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I’m back and trying out my new cyberspace home.  I’ve seen several other blogs via WordPress and was so impressed I decided to make the switch.  So far, so good. 

Although I ignored my blog the past couple of weeks, I have not ignored my knitting.  During that time Clapotis was finished, Lady Eleanor was cast on and bound off, plus my first sweater was started.

Here’s a look of the completed Clapotis:
Silky Clapotis

This baby took four skeins of Art Yarns Regal Silk on size 4US needles.  The drape of the fabric is wonderful and it feels so good against the skin, I can’t wait for the weather to cool down a bit and have an excuse to use it.

Lady Eleanor was cast on using Noro’s Kureyon in color #102.  Lady E was knit with 10 skeins of yarn, just enough yarn was left over to knit and felt a standard size potholder sometime in the future.    I was pleased with the overall color scheme and the feel of the yarn was a bit scratchy, but nothing to complain about.  Since I did start knitting the wrap in late May I was pressured to finish it quickly before our famous Texas summer heat set in.  Knitting with warm fibers thicker than lace weight during the summer is irritating since our house does not have A/C.  Luckily, mother nature was on my side and all the rain kept the temperatures down long after Lady was completed. 


Here’s a peek at Rowena Cardigan from Knit2Together.  So far I’ve completed the two front pieces, and one sleeve.  I’m a couple of rows away from finishing the back again.  The back was the first piece I’d finished but decided to make the cardigan 2 inches shorter so I frogged and reknit starting from the armhole.  Rowena is being knit with SWTC’s 100% Bamboo in Lilac.
rowena back piece

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