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The socks took over three weeks to complete.  The pattern was not hard at all and I really liked the effect it had on the yarn I used.  I found it to be cleverly written since it allowed very little room for mistakes and was easy to memorize but for some reason, I just couldn’t sit down and finish the final half of last sock.  Honestly, I blame the K-F/B at the first and last stitch of the zig zag pattern for the delay.  For some reason that stitch was very annoying and I’d let days lapse between little bits of knitting progress.  Fortunately, they are done and tucked away waiting to be worn.


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Good-Bye Green Summer

It was a joy while you were here.
But you’ve finally shown your true colors
And it will soon be brown around here.

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A weekend trip to Houston led to the discovery of the best French Toast I’ve ever eat.  Off the IH-10 exit to Shulenburg, TX is Frank’s restraurant which I believe has been in existance for at least 50 years.  We stopped there for breakfast and I was relieved to find a place that offered comforting, old fashion, homemade American breakfasts.  Breakfast tacos are good, but eventually Tex-Mex breakfasts become old.

The breakfast menu ranges from cold cereal, oatmeal, pancakes, simple eggs, omeletes and French toast.  The egg and omelete dishes come with a choice of hash browns or grits and biscuits or toast. Hubby and I opted for hashbrowns and biscuits to accompany the cheese omelete he  chose and the egg and ham I ordered.  Our 4 year old picked the French toast without a doubt in her mind.  The girl must have a sixth sense because she hit the jackpot with that choice.  Frank’s French toast is the best ever.  It was light and flavorful, not mushy nor heavy at all.  I detected just a hint of cinnamon and the warm syrup which accompanied it hit the spot.  As for our dishes, I can’t complain.  The highlight were the hash browns.  They were cooked to perfection, just a tad crispy on the outside and light in the inside with a hint of butter which made them so comforting.   

Next time we travel to Houston, we will make it a point to have breakfast at Frank’s.  I’m now curious about their lunch and dinner.

I wish to say I had some yarn purchases to report for this weekend but maybe next time.  I did come across Yarn 2 Ewe by mere accident.  Since a section of IH-10 was closed in Houston, we exited the highway and headed south until we hit Memorial in the attempt to reach 610 from there.  Somehow we missed a turn and ended on Voss.  Our route of escape was Shepard Rd and as we headed north, I noticed the shop. Stopping to shop was not an option.  Hubby and daughter would have been bored.  Next time I’m in Houston I’ll be sure to head out there by my lonesome.

No trip to Houston is complete without a trip to Ikea though.  This is one place we can all enjoy. Not only did we walk out of there with new chairs for our kitchen table, we also found what will be our future bed, dresser, chest, dining table and chairs.  I love Ikea, their kids’ stuff is especially adorable.  Daughter scored pink Hippo even though I was smitten with blue Giraffe.  They are really both so much cuter and colorful in person.

 One thing’s for sure, Houston was not the place to be this weekend.  Then again, I don’t think there are many places in the US which are escaping this hellish heat.  Not only was Houston 100 degrees yesterday, due to the unbearable humidity with the heat index it actually felt like 107.  Talk about appreciating A/C during the dog days of summer.  While walking around Ikea, the place went pitch black until the generators kicked in after a few seconds.  Close to half an hour later, Ikeas makes a PA informing shoppers that there was a blackout in some areas of Houston which included them as well.  All I know is that I was grateful to be in a place with back up generators during the middle of the afternoon in the middle of August that provided some relief from the heat.  Luckily we were able to load up into our vehicle, turn on on the A/C and be on our merry way back home unlike some Houstonians who had to endure being without electricity for a while.

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Let’s continue looking at knitting book sequels and my impression of them.  Today I’ll focus on Lucinda Guy’s Handknits for Kids and And So to Bed.  Both books are cute to say the least.  Their presentation is like none I’ve seen before, with jovial illustrations which makes them almost like a children’s storybook.  They both offer a good assortment of adorable patterns ranging from blankets, hats, sweaters, and dresses to toys.  These books have a little bit of everything for your favorite kid. 

If I were forced to select just one of these books I’d go with Handknits for Kids.  I found this book’s patterns more appealing and interesting.  And to Bed has some very pretty patterns as well, including several sock patterns for kids and some very cute blankets, but I found Handknits patterns a lot more adorable. Here’s a little peak of Handknits for Kids (Knitpicks has a good sample of images for And to Bed if you’re curious):


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Rowena from Knit2Together is finally complete.

Rowena Completed

I’m pleased with the overall effect, especially considering that this is the first item I knit which needs to be sewn together.  There were little hurdles to deal with along the way but nothing too bad which discouraged me from completing the cardigan.  Mostly it had to do with tailoring the pattern to fit my short self.

Now for the technical info:
Yarn: SWTC 100% Bamboo in Lilac, approx. 5-1/2 skeins.
Needles: US4 (Addi turbo) and 5 (Denise) – It’s amazing what a difference needles make.  I loved knitting with turbos much more than Denises.
Ribbon:  Temporary satin 1″ to show effect.  Will be on the look out for a better alternative.

When I needed a break from Rowena I’d picked up size US6 needles and Suger’ N Cream in either Lavender Ice or Swiming Pool to knit some dishclothes.


The stitch patterns for the dishclothes in the first column come from the Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns and the other two are from A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns.

With Rowena completed, I can now focus on Mystery Stole 3.  I’ve started Clue One using ColourMart’s 100% silk in Blush.  The beads are Mill Hill #18819 in Opal Blush and the needle is US1 KnitPicks Options.

MS3 clue1

Of course I need a project to fall back on while MS3 is in progress.  What a better option than participate in socktopia and use up some of the sock yarn in the stash.  For this month’s submittal, which would be the first in a long time, I’m knitting Jaywalkers in Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Stretch, color #8319.


 I’m liking the effect, but just hope to have enough yarn to finish the second sock.

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