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Clown Socks Finished

I’m relieved I got my knitting mojo back and was able to finish my clown socks this weekend.  Overall, I am thrilled with the end result.

Clown Socks finished

Yarn: Opal Feelings’ shade 1705 for the leg and foot and Opal Uni’s shade 1413 for cuff, heel and toe. 
Why I like this yarn: 1.  The colors are bright and happy and the coordination is awesome. 2.  The yarn is self striping and in big bands.  Yep I hate weaving in those loose ends. 3. Provides lots of yardage.

Clown Socks on

Pattern:  My own.  The cuff is a 2×2 rib, the leg and foot stockinette, Folk Sock’s provided the Dutch Heel and Star Toe.  Since I wanted to utilize as much of the yarn possible and have a longer leg, I CO 96 stitches (because of my ginormous calves 😦 )and decreased 8 stitches at the beginning of every band’s color change until 68 remained. 

Clown Sock closeup

Needles: Size 0US 5 set dpn’s

Clown Sock side

Even though I did make these with a longer leg, there is plenty of yarn left over for a small pair of socks. DD has been asking me since I first started these if they were for her. Well I guess she’ll get her socks after all and they’ll actually fit her right. 😉


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I’m In

Ravelry sent me their invite to join sometime in October.  I accepted, signed in as bufanditas and began touring the site at once.  Overall I like how easy it is to see other people’s projects, their comments on said projects and the yarns they used.  A nice feature is the ability to link projects to published work and the database of yarns is pretty amazing as well.

I’ve begun adding current projects to my notebook.  There’s no way I’m listing all my previous FOs nor my yarn stash because quite frankly I don’t feel like taking the time to upload all the images to flikr nor recreating something that I’ve already blogged about.  I won’t take the time either to add to the “to do” list because I’d rather waste my time doing something else.  I will try to list future projects whenever possible but knowing me, I’ll probably do that in spurts, just like I do when it comes to posting here.   

Yes, I’m bad when it comes to posting, but I’m trying my best to keep current.   I’ve also been kind of bad on the knitting front.  I managed to complete the first Clown sock but for the past week or so the second sock has been placed on hold halfway through the heel.  I’m sure I’ll finish it by the end of the year.

clown progress

Since I haven’t been knitting, I’ve been sewing a lot more.  I’ve made a couple of small project bags, (click here for closeups)

project bags

a makeup brush case,

makeup bag

a pinafore and skirt for DD.


 Next on my list are curtains for DD bedroom.  I have one week to complete them before I had back to the real work force on a full time basis.  I have a feeling once I go back to work, my posting will be even less frequent given how undisciplined I am.  Time will be sure to tell how it all pans out. 

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