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Shamefully Unproductive

At the most, I think I’ve picked up my current WIP just a handful of times.  Even my sewing machine is collecting dust once again.  Oh well, starting a new job is taking some getting used to, especially adjusting to my new schedule while trying to get over a nagging cold.  I am keeping a project at work to knit during lunch, but for some reason I’d much rather read during that hour than be handling yarn.  Heck, I’ve even been visiting knitty.com and ravely.com minimally.  When I do log on to knitty, it’s mostly to visit the Gallery to see what other knitty heads have been creating.  The other forums hold little to no interest, particularly the Vented Spleen which I avoid completely. On a positive note, my yarn stash has not grown at all since even my interest in yarn has subsided quite a bit.  Yay says my bank account.

Knitty’s winter issue is up and even though I have yet to read the articles, I quickly scanned all the new patterns.  While I found some of the patterns in this issue quite silly, ugly or just not my style, there are several patterns worthy of my “to do list.”  Chevrolace socks are my favorite from this issue.


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