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It’s Been a While

I’ve done minimal knitting since my last post.  Since last May I completed a baby blanket, a wrap and the following hats.  The baby blanket will not be showed off since I did not have a chance to photograph it before gifting it away.  Will say the parents-to-be were very happy with it and couldn’t get over the fact they’d received a hand knit item.  I’ve yet to take decent pics of the wrap I knit last fall but as soon as I do will be blogging about it.  For now I leave you with the little FOs I completed for my Blythe last September.

The hats were all experiments to see if I could knit a decent hat like others I’ve seen posted across the web.  What’s nice about knitting for Blythe is that any scrap yarn amount will do.  At some point I had plans to knit and sell these on Etsy but I really wasn’t too please with the FOs to consider them sellable.  Oh well,  my Blythe will have an assortment of head gear to wear.

All the hats were knit on dpns from the top down to get a better fit.  I experimented with several increase sequences and found one or two that I really liked.  For the most part though, the increases yielded a bumpy crown so I’ll have to continue my experiment.

First hat was knit with  Joann’s Sensation Camelia. 

Pink Blythe Hat

I had just enough Kureyon left over from my Lady Eleanore to knit this ribbed beanie.

Kureyon Blythe Hat

There was half a skein of CTH Rainbow Ribbon to knit many more hats, but for now there’s only one.

CTH Blythe Hat

I finally found a FO I like with the CTH Potluck Worsted I bought years ago.  Do have to remember to CO a few more stitches since the hat was a little to tight on the doll.

CTH Worsted Blythe Hat

Another yarn which had been laying around for years is the FB Fashion Denim I used to knit this hat.  I didn’t quite like the end product, since the texture at this scale is very distracting.

DB Fashion Denim Blythe Hat

The next two hats were knit with the first yarn I ever dyed.  Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool was dyed with Kool-Aid with flavors I can’t remember.  Overall I like how both hats turned out, but I think someday I’ll go back an frog the green one just a bit and reknit it.  IMO the yarn is just too bulky to have it folded.

LB Wool Blythe HatLB Wool Blythe Hat Green

Finally, I just have to show off this lovely skein of Paca-Peds alpaca sock yarn I found at the recently relocated Yarn Barn.  The shop is still on McCullough St. but a lot closer to downtown and conveniently located across our family doctor’s office.  Yep, no matter how bad I feel, I know I can always hop over to yarn heaven and feel so much better.

Paca-pod yarn


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Eleanor and Mini-Clowns

I can honestly say Eleanor (left pair) is my first FO of this year.  I started the first sock last April when  Momma Monkey sponsored a knit off which I signed up for as part of team Koigu.  This is as far as I got that weekend:

Only a leg

Sometime that year I finished the rest of the sock, but it stayed single for four seasons.  I finally CO its companion last month and weaved all the loose ends sometime last week.

The yarn used to knit Eleanor is KnitPicks Bare Essential which was my dyeing project from a year ago.  I really like how the colors came out and they seem to complement the pattern nicely.  Needles used are size US 1 and the Eleanor is a Socktopia exclusive pattern.

The socks to the left are a mini version of my Happy Clown Socks.  DD insisted she wanted socks like mine and given the amount of yarn left over from the first pair, I had no excuse not to knit them.  If you look with  a more critical eye, you’ll notice one toe has a whole lot more fuschia then the other.  The only reason that happened was because I ran out of the Opal Feelings.  A good thing I had the Opal Uni Solid to finish the socks off.

I started the Mini-Clowns in December and finished the last pair a few days ago.  I love the contrasting cuff, heel and toe look, but I detest the weaving of all those loose ends.  I swear, sometimes it takes me longer to weave those ends than to knit the whole thing.

Needle size US 1 and generic pattern is improvised by me.   

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Little Blue Riding Hood

Apologies for the crappy picture since it does not do the pattern justice.  I started this project in August ’07 and finished knitting the body sometime in October.  My intentions were to introduce a more girly color either through embroidery or applique of knitted flowers, but my motivation and creativity were very limited.  Before I knew it,  December was upon us and the recipient of Daphne could not wait any longer.  If I had, she’d be old enough to dress her dolls with the cape. 😉


Little Cousin with her Mommy

Pattern:  K2T Daphne’s Cape
Yarn: Shepherd 4 Me in Navy
Needles: US 3 & 6

Verdict:  The pattern is very easy and I love the concept.  I would knit this cape again but would like to introduce other stitch patterns or some colorwork to make it a more interesting piece to both knit and look at.  The yarn is great to work with and felt wonderfully soft in my hands.  The easy care of this yarn makes it ideal for baby wear.



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But it’s been almost four months since my last post and there are a few little changes in WordPress which is making it difficult for me to post images.  Now I ask, what’s the point of posting about your creations if there are no images to support your work?  Not that I’ve been super productive on the knitting end, but I have managed to finish a couple of projects and have another one started. 

Stash build up is minimal.  The only addition to my yarn collection in the past 4 months were 3 skeins of Lion Brand’s Superwash which I found for $1.50 a piece at Big Lots.  Over a month ago I visited the Yarn Barn and not only did I get the scare of my life (there were flyers everywhere announcing the store was closing April 15) but I also walked out with the most current back issues of Knitting Vogue for $0.10 each.  What a deal!!!

Last week I decided to stop by the Yarn Barn again, figuring I’d find all sorts of great discounts due to the store’s upcoming closure.  I was expecting to see all sorts of “Going Out of Business” signs as I approached the building but that didn’t happen.  The store front’s display did look skimpy compared to the past so I figured they’d liquidated most of their inventory.  Inside, the cubbys which were at one time bursting with all types of yarn were quite bare at this point.  The curious thing was that prices hadn’t been slashed.  Upon further investigation, the store associates revealed the shop had been bought out and would not be closing after all.  That was great news, even though I didn’t find the deals of the century and have no idea where the Yarn Barn will be relocating to. 

‘Til next time!  Happy knitting and stash building to all.

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Shamefully Unproductive

At the most, I think I’ve picked up my current WIP just a handful of times.  Even my sewing machine is collecting dust once again.  Oh well, starting a new job is taking some getting used to, especially adjusting to my new schedule while trying to get over a nagging cold.  I am keeping a project at work to knit during lunch, but for some reason I’d much rather read during that hour than be handling yarn.  Heck, I’ve even been visiting knitty.com and ravely.com minimally.  When I do log on to knitty, it’s mostly to visit the Gallery to see what other knitty heads have been creating.  The other forums hold little to no interest, particularly the Vented Spleen which I avoid completely. On a positive note, my yarn stash has not grown at all since even my interest in yarn has subsided quite a bit.  Yay says my bank account.

Knitty’s winter issue is up and even though I have yet to read the articles, I quickly scanned all the new patterns.  While I found some of the patterns in this issue quite silly, ugly or just not my style, there are several patterns worthy of my “to do list.”  Chevrolace socks are my favorite from this issue.

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I’m In

Ravelry sent me their invite to join sometime in October.  I accepted, signed in as bufanditas and began touring the site at once.  Overall I like how easy it is to see other people’s projects, their comments on said projects and the yarns they used.  A nice feature is the ability to link projects to published work and the database of yarns is pretty amazing as well.

I’ve begun adding current projects to my notebook.  There’s no way I’m listing all my previous FOs nor my yarn stash because quite frankly I don’t feel like taking the time to upload all the images to flikr nor recreating something that I’ve already blogged about.  I won’t take the time either to add to the “to do” list because I’d rather waste my time doing something else.  I will try to list future projects whenever possible but knowing me, I’ll probably do that in spurts, just like I do when it comes to posting here.   

Yes, I’m bad when it comes to posting, but I’m trying my best to keep current.   I’ve also been kind of bad on the knitting front.  I managed to complete the first Clown sock but for the past week or so the second sock has been placed on hold halfway through the heel.  I’m sure I’ll finish it by the end of the year.

clown progress

Since I haven’t been knitting, I’ve been sewing a lot more.  I’ve made a couple of small project bags, (click here for closeups)

project bags

a makeup brush case,

makeup bag

a pinafore and skirt for DD.


 Next on my list are curtains for DD bedroom.  I have one week to complete them before I had back to the real work force on a full time basis.  I have a feeling once I go back to work, my posting will be even less frequent given how undisciplined I am.  Time will be sure to tell how it all pans out. 

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My Kinda Deals

Not only was I able to get two sets of these for less than $25 after using passwird.com’s special 20% off code, I also scored some great book deals at a local Barnes and Noble.  This summer I received a $25 gift card from B&N and had held on to it because I hardly drive near one of these stores.  I’m glad I didn’t use it right away because after my trip to LnT to pick up the pillows, I paid a visit to the B&N which is in the same shopping strip. 

The first thing I noticed when I walked through their doors was a cart partially filled with books and other merchandise.  A big red sign advertised a 75% off sale.  A magnetic force pulled me immediately to the cart to check out the selection of clearance stuff.  To my delight I found two cookbooks, two children’s books, one kick-ass leather bound journal and this baby:


It ain’t no Barabara Walker, but for $7.50, it is guaranteed a spot in my library.  In all I’m pretty happy to say that I only had to fork over $1.80 to cover the difference between the gift card and purchase total.  I love finding good deals like these.

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