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Eleanor and Mini-Clowns

I can honestly say Eleanor (left pair) is my first FO of this year.  I started the first sock last April when  Momma Monkey sponsored a knit off which I signed up for as part of team Koigu.  This is as far as I got that weekend:

Only a leg

Sometime that year I finished the rest of the sock, but it stayed single for four seasons.  I finally CO its companion last month and weaved all the loose ends sometime last week.

The yarn used to knit Eleanor is KnitPicks Bare Essential which was my dyeing project from a year ago.  I really like how the colors came out and they seem to complement the pattern nicely.  Needles used are size US 1 and the Eleanor is a Socktopia exclusive pattern.

The socks to the left are a mini version of my Happy Clown Socks.  DD insisted she wanted socks like mine and given the amount of yarn left over from the first pair, I had no excuse not to knit them.  If you look with  a more critical eye, you’ll notice one toe has a whole lot more fuschia then the other.  The only reason that happened was because I ran out of the Opal Feelings.  A good thing I had the Opal Uni Solid to finish the socks off.

I started the Mini-Clowns in December and finished the last pair a few days ago.  I love the contrasting cuff, heel and toe look, but I detest the weaving of all those loose ends.  I swear, sometimes it takes me longer to weave those ends than to knit the whole thing.

Needle size US 1 and generic pattern is improvised by me.   


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