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It’s Been a While

I’ve done minimal knitting since my last post.  Since last May I completed a baby blanket, a wrap and the following hats.  The baby blanket will not be showed off since I did not have a chance to photograph it before gifting it away.  Will say the parents-to-be were very happy with it and couldn’t get over the fact they’d received a hand knit item.  I’ve yet to take decent pics of the wrap I knit last fall but as soon as I do will be blogging about it.  For now I leave you with the little FOs I completed for my Blythe last September.

The hats were all experiments to see if I could knit a decent hat like others I’ve seen posted across the web.  What’s nice about knitting for Blythe is that any scrap yarn amount will do.  At some point I had plans to knit and sell these on Etsy but I really wasn’t too please with the FOs to consider them sellable.  Oh well,  my Blythe will have an assortment of head gear to wear.

All the hats were knit on dpns from the top down to get a better fit.  I experimented with several increase sequences and found one or two that I really liked.  For the most part though, the increases yielded a bumpy crown so I’ll have to continue my experiment.

First hat was knit with  Joann’s Sensation Camelia. 

Pink Blythe Hat

I had just enough Kureyon left over from my Lady Eleanore to knit this ribbed beanie.

Kureyon Blythe Hat

There was half a skein of CTH Rainbow Ribbon to knit many more hats, but for now there’s only one.

CTH Blythe Hat

I finally found a FO I like with the CTH Potluck Worsted I bought years ago.  Do have to remember to CO a few more stitches since the hat was a little to tight on the doll.

CTH Worsted Blythe Hat

Another yarn which had been laying around for years is the FB Fashion Denim I used to knit this hat.  I didn’t quite like the end product, since the texture at this scale is very distracting.

DB Fashion Denim Blythe Hat

The next two hats were knit with the first yarn I ever dyed.  Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool was dyed with Kool-Aid with flavors I can’t remember.  Overall I like how both hats turned out, but I think someday I’ll go back an frog the green one just a bit and reknit it.  IMO the yarn is just too bulky to have it folded.

LB Wool Blythe HatLB Wool Blythe Hat Green

Finally, I just have to show off this lovely skein of Paca-Peds alpaca sock yarn I found at the recently relocated Yarn Barn.  The shop is still on McCullough St. but a lot closer to downtown and conveniently located across our family doctor’s office.  Yep, no matter how bad I feel, I know I can always hop over to yarn heaven and feel so much better.

Paca-pod yarn


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But it’s been almost four months since my last post and there are a few little changes in WordPress which is making it difficult for me to post images.  Now I ask, what’s the point of posting about your creations if there are no images to support your work?  Not that I’ve been super productive on the knitting end, but I have managed to finish a couple of projects and have another one started. 

Stash build up is minimal.  The only addition to my yarn collection in the past 4 months were 3 skeins of Lion Brand’s Superwash which I found for $1.50 a piece at Big Lots.  Over a month ago I visited the Yarn Barn and not only did I get the scare of my life (there were flyers everywhere announcing the store was closing April 15) but I also walked out with the most current back issues of Knitting Vogue for $0.10 each.  What a deal!!!

Last week I decided to stop by the Yarn Barn again, figuring I’d find all sorts of great discounts due to the store’s upcoming closure.  I was expecting to see all sorts of “Going Out of Business” signs as I approached the building but that didn’t happen.  The store front’s display did look skimpy compared to the past so I figured they’d liquidated most of their inventory.  Inside, the cubbys which were at one time bursting with all types of yarn were quite bare at this point.  The curious thing was that prices hadn’t been slashed.  Upon further investigation, the store associates revealed the shop had been bought out and would not be closing after all.  That was great news, even though I didn’t find the deals of the century and have no idea where the Yarn Barn will be relocating to. 

‘Til next time!  Happy knitting and stash building to all.

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Everlasting Bagstopper

It’s only appropriate that after my last rant I knit something environmentally “friendly.”  Ms. Singer’s Everlasting Bagstopper was a good choice especially since I was gettng grocery shopping done at Big Wally’s, who for some reason does not understand that more than two items can be carried safely in one plastic bag. 

My god, the number of plastic bags they hand out to customers with each purchase is ridiculous.  But shopping there is occuring less frequently.  I’ve opted to shop elsewhere after all the recalls, the amount of Chinese originated stuff they sell and quite honestly, their produce sucks.  (Personally, I have a theory that the Chinese are trying to kill us off and what a better way than through all the crap we buy and consume, but that’s for a different post.)

Anyway, let’s get back on track and talk knitting.

Le Bag

Yarn:  Cherry Tree Hill Rainbow Ribbon in “Life’s a Beach”, acquired over two years ago during a grab bag sale, hence the crappy color.  The yarn is great to work with and is so soft but the color leaves much to be desired.  The hanks come in 530+/- yards, so there is enough left over for another bag.  The question is, do I really want another anything in this colorway?

Pattern:  Knitty Summer 2007 with modified handles.  The idea of carrying a load on my shoulder was not very appealing so I opted for short knitted handles.

Verdict:  If I really intend to stop the entry of plastic bags into my house, I’d better start cranking at least 5 more of these bags.  They also work quite well when it comes to pecan picking.  Not only does the bag expands nicely to accomodate a good picking of pecans, (and believe me, with 6 of these trees on our property and all the rain we had this summer, we are having quite a harvest) but the YOs allow for air to circulate around the pecans making it less likely they’ll turn moldy as they dry up completely.    Fortunately this is a good “no brains needed” kind of pattern so I don’t have an excuse not to make more. 

Good for Pecans

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